Everything to do with Mailboxes!

The aim of this site is to be a comprehensive resource for everything and anything to do with mailboxes! Over the coming weeks and months I plan to add ideas for mailbox designs, show examples of all mail box types from the standard to the unusual and creative and everything inbetween, and to identify where to buy them.

So, if you're looking for letterboxes (as they're also called in countries such as the UK and Australia), a box accessory (such as posts, covers or locks) or related information, then you’ve come to the right place!

mailboxesYes, this really is a mail box!
It's the fun & funky, but totally
impractical box that inspired this site!

The idea to create this fun (and hopefully informative and useful) site came shortly after we moved into our current house back in January 2008. The letterbox that came with the house was fun, funky, but totally impractical (look at the picture and see for yourself).

When I looked for something to replace it I found the choice available in hardware stores very uninspiring. Hence this website to provide inspirational ideas to make your own mailbox, have one custom made, or to buy a ready made, but more unusual letterbox for your home, business, community or development. 

Since developing my interest in mail boxes I’ve been noticing and photographing the wide variety that people have, especially around where I live (in Sydney, Australia). There are many boring, standard metal boxes. There are some very sad ones. However, there are also some very cool ones. 

It always seems strange to me when a great property has a very cheap or damaged letterbox. Your mail box is one of the first things that someone sees of your home. It should create a good first impression. And there’s room to express your personality with your choice of mail receptacle! 

Table of Contents

Letterboxes / Mailboxes and Me
This is the story of my interest in letterboxes (mailboxes) including photos of the unusual mailbox that sparked my interest.
Your Mailbox / Letterbox Stories and Pictures
Great mailbox / letterbox stories and pictures from readers around the world. Read about unique, creative and decorative mailboxes. And share your story here.
Decorative Mailboxes
Looking for decorative mailboxes? Here you’ll find ideas for creating or finding your own decorative mailbox and mailbox decorations
Mailbox Specifications and Standards
Before you buy or make a mailbox check the mailbox specifications for your country