Airbrushed Mailboxes

by Katy K
(Lansing, MI)

french bulldog

french bulldog

french bulldog frogs squirrel bonston terrier

I saw this blog and thought it would be a kewl way to share what I do since this is everything to do with mailboxes.

I started airbrushing on them this spring and have gotten to do some pets, scenes, flames, a car as well as some others. I'm trying to make this into a business to quit my dead end job and be able to do what I do!

If anyone that reads this is interested in seeing more you can go to and see some more of the mailboxes. I can't say they are "photo" realistic but my customers have enjoyed my work and a few have been repeat customers.

I'm always looking to spruce up a street somewhere so if you know someone that would like one...or you would like one yourself feel free to contact me through the site. I can ship about anywhere and it is based on your postal code.

Thanks for the read :-) Katy K

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