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Airplane Mailbox

"Types of plane mailboxes, where to buy them
& photos for inspiration"

I haven't personally seen an airplane mailbox "in the wild" (as it were) yet, but I can see many of you have (from the photos out there on the web). If you see one, or have one, please upload your photo here.

I can think of several reasons why you'd want to get an airplane mailbox...

  • You love planes -- perhaps you're a plane spotter, or a pilot and want to express your love of airplanes at the front of your home

  • You love travel -- you could dream of where you've been, or where you're going next, each time you pick up your mail!

  • You simply love the quirkiness of a plane mailbox!

Types of Airplane Mailbox

In theory your plane mailbox could be...

  • A model of an airplane -- either where the whole mailbox is the model (the mailbox is the body of the plane and the wings, tail, nose and so on stand out from the body), or where there's a model plane attached to the top of the mailbox

  • A picture of a plane -- that is, there's a picture of 1 or more planes covering your mailbox. The picture could either be a painting, or printed on a mailbox cover, or a stick on decal/appliqué

Model Airplane Mailboxes

The whole mailbox models can either be realistic or a more lighthearted, almost cartoon style. The ready made ones I've found online are the cartoon ones, such as these ones, available through Amazon:

and these through Budget Mailboxes:

airplane mailbox airplane mailbox sea plane

The more realistic models of airplanes seem to be custom made only. I have found one custom mailbox maker who lovingly crafts these models. However, sadly he's so busy  that he's not taking more orders just now. (I'll let you know who he is when he lets me know he's taking orders again).

airplane mailboxImage Courtesty BrianBass270

The mailboxes with a model plane stuck on top, like this one, should be fairly easy to make your self. 

This one looks like it's stuck on a Victorian style mailbox.

Mailboxes with Pictures of Planes

I haven't come across any ready made versions of these yet.  

Your options are to find someone to hand paint a mailbox for you, or to contact Mailbox Works who will create a mailbox cover, for a standard USPS mailbox, with the photo of your choice.

Other Places to Buy Online

Airplane Mailboxes Photos

If you have a plane mailbox, or come across one, please take a photo and share it with us.

Share Your Mailbox Photos & Story

I’m looking forward to seeing your mailbox / letterbox photos and reading your story about them.

For example, tell us about the context: does the mailbox suit the house and the environment its in? What do you think about it? Where is it (country, state, town)?

If it's your mailbox, why did you choose this one?

If you made it, tell us a bit about what was involved, what materials you used, and so on.

The more you can tell us, the better.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

Please note: if you'd like to be notified when your submission has been posted (I personally review each entry) and when others comment on your post, make sure you enter your email address on the page that appears after you submit your entry.

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