Birds pooping on my mailbox

Birds pooping on my mailbox

by Greg
(Chicago area)

No More Bird Poop for Me!

No More Bird Poop for Me!

About two or three times per week I was having to wipe bird poop off of my mailbox. After mounting a bird-deter on top of the mailbox, no more bird clean-up for me. Yippee!

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Entrepreneurial inventor!
by: Jane of Everything Mailboxes

That's very entrepreneurial of you Greg! Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully other readers will find your invention useful too.
by: gregg chicago area

There is a large tree that stands over my mailbox. Birds would swoop down from the tree onto the top of my mailbox. Once perched there, they would leave droppings.

I was having to clean off the mailbox about 2 to 3 times per week. I thought that there must be a product out there to remedy this. I went to all of the big home improvement stores, the hardware stores, looked on-line.

I learned that there was nothing out there specifically for this problem. I then purchased some plastic material, fashioned into a saw-toothed shape on the top edge and mounted it on the mailbox. Weeks and months went by and not a single bird perched leaving a mess for me.

I decided to take this to another level. I had patent work done by an attorney, filed for a trademark and have identified a manufacturer, in addition to creating a website.

It has been newly designed so that when the new version comes out (very soon), the potential problem of individuals getting scratched by the sharp spikes is not an issue. The website still shows the older design.

The bird-deter is available at

Boods pooping on mailbox new one to me!
by: Jane of Everything Mailboxes

Hi Greg. I hadn't heard of birds pooping on mailboxes before now (though of course it makes sense that this could happen).

I'd also never heard of a mailbox bird deterrent before! So, thank you for sharing (and for teaching me something!).

Since your bird-deter appears to be a transparent (?) 'spine' along the top of the mailbox does this mean the birds used to sit on your box, rather than let loose as they flew over?

How satisfying for you that you've fixed the problem! And this bird-deter looks far more elegant than the usually metal spike bird deterrent. Do you have to worry that the mailman may hurt his or her hand though?

I'd love to know where you got this device from, or did you make it yourself? If so, what did you make it from? And how did you fix it to the box -- is it simply glued on?


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