Cow Mailbox Options

cow mailbox

I thought cow mailboxes would be most popular in regional areas. However, I have seen this type of mailbox in towns and cities too, including this US one outside a house in the UK! (I wonder what the postman makes of it?)

Regardless of where you live, if this is the type of animal mailbox you're looking for the first thing to decide is the type of box you require. Would you like:

  • The whole mailbox to be a model of a cow? 
  • A picture of one or more cows on the mailbox body?
  • A cow topper for your mailbox (a cutout, typically from metal, fixed to the top of your box)?

I have located examples of each of these types and where to buy them below.

Types of Cow Mailboxes

Model of Cow as Mailbox

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You can purchase the delightful, original characters above here through my website. They are designed around a standard US T1 metal mailbox with beautifully hand-crafted detailing. For more details and to order click here

Mailboxes with Picture of Cows

Coming soon!

Cow Topper for Your Mailbox

Coming soon!

Cow Mailboxes Gallery

Here are the cow letterboxes I've found "in the wild". I'd love it if you'd share your mailbox photos here.

cow mailbox bangalow
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The one above is near Bangalow in NSW. Although I'm now not entirely sure this is a mailbox. I wonder if it's just a means of easily identifying this property from the road? However, I feel it could easily be a letterbox -- if you look at the side views you can see what could be a hing above the tail. The tail could be used as a handle to open up the back and retrieve mail. Only where does the postie deposit the post? In the same opening perhaps?

I spotted the wonderful creation below near Dorrigo.  However, now I wonder if, similar to the one above, it's used simply as a mechanism to mark the rural property it stands in front of? Again, similarly to the one above, in the rear view photo you can see it the tail is clearly on a hinged flap. However, I forgot to try and lift the front of the head to see if that's where the mail is deposited!

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