Decorative Mailboxes

decorative mailboxes

In the decorative mailboxes category I’m including...

  • Standard mailboxes that have been covered with a decorative cover
  • Standard mailboxes that have been decoratively painted or adorned in someway
  • More unusual mailboxes that have been painted or otherwise adorned

I exclude...

  • Animal mailboxes
  • Bird mailboxes
  • Fish mailboxes
  • House mailboxes
  • And other models of things

I know, it’s a fine line, but I include these types of mailboxes in the novelty mailbox category.

Do you have a decorative mailbox? Or a photo of one?

>> Feel free to share your mailbox photo or story here.

Ideas for Decorative Mailboxes

You can...

  • Buy one -- find a mailbox for sale that’s already decorated as you like
  • Buy a standard or plain mailbox and decorate it yourself
  • Make a mailbox, for example a wooden mailbox, to your own specification and then decorate it
  • Or, temporarily decorate your mailbox for a seasonal event, or special occasion

To get started choose a theme. It can be...

  • Related to your location, or to where you’d like to be. For example a beach theme, river-scape, landscape or cityscape
  • Based on a hobby or something you like, for example, a sport, or a musical instrument.

Ways to Decorate Your Mailbox

Ideas include one or more of the following...

Mailbox cover -– cover your mailbox with a decorative cover.

decorative mailboxes handpainted

Hand paint a design -- either paint the mailbox yourself, find a local artist to do it for you, or buy a hand painted mailbox. Read more >

decorative mailboxes shells

Decorate with stuck on objects – stick on objects such as shells, stones, small toys, or even a snorkel mask (yes, you read that right, see the photo at the top of the page!). Read more >

Decals -- these are stickers or transfers. There are some specially made for mailboxes, but there's no reason why you couldn't use other stickers, from craft shops, for instance.

Decorate for a special occasion, or special event -- just as you would decorate your house for Christmas. Other occasions include: halloween; Independence Day (if your country has one); a special birthday; the birth of a child; or a special sporting event.