Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Residential mailboxes can be very plain and boring. An easy way to add some character to your mailbox is to decorate it by sticking on small, or even not so small (see example 3 below), objects such as shells, stones, small toys, shaped wood, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Do you have a decorative mailbox? Or a photo of one?

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Suggested steps to create decorative residential mailboxes...

  • Decide on your design
  • Collect, buy or make the objects you will use to decorate your mailbox
  • Make sure you have the correct glue for both the material your mailbox is made of and for your objects (your local hardware store or craft shop will be able to help you with this if you are unsure)
  • Either draw a sketch of your design, or create a rough plan by arranging your objects on a flat surface until you're happy with the pattern they make. Perhaps take a photo at this point, so you can refer to it as you stick the objects onto your mailbox

You may want to paint your mail box first.  Otherwise, make sure the surface of the mailbox is clean and dry. Then stick on your objects to create your decorative mailbox design. 

Here are some ideas to help inspire you...

Examples of Decorative Residential Mailboxes

Example 1 Decorative Mailbox: Shells

decorative residential mailboxes shells

This is a plain, unpainted wooden box, decorated with shells. The shell theme is very relevant to the seaside location of this mail box.

Notice the sensible mailbox design includes a 'lip' above the mailbox slot to help protect the mail from rain (the box is located in a reasonably high rainfall area). The back is a lockable, hinged flap, to lift and empty the mail.

decorative residential mailboxes shells

decorative residential mailboxes shellsBottom panel detail

decorative residential mailboxes shellsTop detail

decorative residential mailboxes shellsBack of mailbox

Example 2 Decorative Mailbox: More shells

decorative residential mailboxes shells

This mailbox could appear quite 'chunky'. It's certainly very sturdy looking!. And yet, with it's simple shell house number design and all white color scheme, I think it looks quite elegant.

Here's a close up of the decorative house number, created with white shells...

decorative residential mailboxes shells

Example 3 Decorative Mailbox: Marine-scape

decorative residential mailboxes shells

This mail box was first hand painted with a seascape and then had shells, models of fish and even a snorkel mask attached! See more examples of this letterbox here.