Fish Mailbox Examples

You might choose a fish mailbox because...

  • You love fishing and want to make that a statement for your home, or
  • You may live near the beach and want to create a beach theme for your property, or
  • Just because it makes you smile every time you leave and return!

It doesn't really matter why, if you've decided this is what you want, let's look at some of the types of fish boxes available. One of the first things to decide is what style you like best. The main style variations are...

  • The whole mailbox is a model of a fish. Often the model is wrapped around a standard US mailbox. The model can be completely dimensional, or the body is 3D with a flat head, tail and fins. Model materials include poly-materials (such as poly resin or polyethylene) and models worked in metal or wood. 
  • The mailbox is covered with pictures of fish or fishy scenes. The pictures can be commercial printed, hand painted designs, or on mailbox wraps

  • A model of a fish is attached to the top of a mailbox. The model is typically made of wood or metal and might be a full 3D model or just 1 or 2 dimensional 

Personally, I love seeing the whole-mailbox-fish-models, they're such statement pieces! 

Fish Mailbox Gallery

These are the fish mail boxes I've "caught in the wild". Feel free to share your fish mailbox photos too.

fish mailbox

This one is a neighbour's bass mailbox here on Sydney's northern beaches, Australia. It's a bit faded now, I guess due to the strong Australian sun. So, I suggest you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for protecting your model bass, such as spraying it with a clear varnish, if the material needs it.

I love the way it seems to be "swimming" out of the greenery!

bass fish mailbox

fish mailbox

I snapped this one in Snohomish, WA, USA. I think it's a bass mailbox as well. There was some construction going on behind it, which is probably why it's so muddy.

bass fish mailbox

fish mailbox

Here's a unique metal fish letterbox sculpture. It looks rather ferocious! It's in Palm Beach, NSW, Australia and looks like a one-off! I wonder who made it?

fish mailbox fish mailbox