Hand Painted Decorative Mailboxes

hand painted decorative mailboxes

One easy way to decorate your mailbox is to hand paint it...

  • Tap into your creativity and paint your own letterbox
  • Buy a plain mailbox and find a local artist to custom paint it for you
  • Find hand painted decorative mailboxes for sale and choose a design you like

Do you have a hand painted mailbox? Or a photo of one?

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Doing Your Own Hand Painting

Use a paint type suitable for your mailbox material and for the outdoors. If you don’t know what paint type is suitable ask your local paint shop or hardware store.  If the box isn’t already painted you’ll need to use a primer to prepare the surface first. 

There are a few articles on how to paint decorative mailboxes on the ehow website. For instance, this one gives you instructions for painting a metal mail box.

Examples of Hand Painted Decorative Mailboxes

Example 1 Hand Painted Mailbox: Marine-scape

hand painted decorative mailboxes marinescape

This is one of the most creative hand painted decorative mailboxes I've seen. It's in my neighbourhood (Avalon, NSW, Australia). 

The wooden box looks home made and even that has been designed to be part of the marinescape with its wave-like edges. The frame the letterbox stands on is a bit crude, but the charm of the box deflects attention from that. 

The box size is practical and the letter slot easily allows A4/Letter sized parcels to be delivered.

The box has been painted with a background seascape using oil paints.  It has then been decorated with stuck on objects such as models of fish and even a snorkel mask. 

What a fun and funky idea. I bet the mailman has a chuckle every time he delivers mail!

The photos below show views of all the sides. I hope this gives you inspiration for your own hand painted mailbox creation.

hand painted decorative mailboxes marinescape frontFront view

hand painted decorative mailboxes marinescape left sideLeft side view

hand painted decorative mailboxes marinescape right sideRight side view

hand painted decorative mailboxes marinescape topTop view

Example 2 Hand Painted Mailbox: Crocodile

hand painted decorative mailboxes crocodile

This gorgeous hand made wooden letterbox started life as a plain wooden box. It has been decorated and painted to look like a crocodile.

The box is a good size and the slot easily accepts A4/Letter sized mail.

It was made and painted 14 years ago, so, while you can see it isn't in pristine condition you can also see it has lasted very well. A new coat of paint would make it look brand new.

The top lifts up to retrieve the mail. And the painting detail include a pink interior (cute). The kids in the area love it!

See the alternative views below.

hand painted decorative mailboxes crocodile"Will it bite?"
See the pink painted
interior detail!

hand painted decorative mailboxes crocodileSide view

More Examples of Hand Painted Decorative Mailboxes

There really are as many ideas for hand painted mailbox designs as your imagination allows. See how painting these standard mailboxes lifts them from boring to interesting?

hand painted decorative mailboxes crocodileMeadow scene
Painted using waterproof
acrylic paint

hand painted decorative mailboxes brightHere's a cheerful
abstract design

hand painted decorative mailboxes sailboatPainted sailboat &
house number