Mailbox Specifications and Standards
Does Your Mailbox Comply?

How frustrating would it be to spend time and effort (not to mention money) selecting, making and installing a new mailbox only to find your postal service can't deliver your mail because your box or installation doesn't comply with it's mailbox specifications and standards?!

So, before you buy, make, or install a new mailbox it's a good idea to check the specifications and standards for your country. Especially, if your country's postal service needs to approve mailboxes and mailbox installations, like the US Postal Service does. 

Mailbox Specifications and Standards by Country

If you don't see your country here yet and you'd like me to research your country's standards contact me and let me know where you are.

Here are the standards I've identified so far...

NZ letterbox standards -- New Zealand's standards are based on the same AS/NZS standard as Australia's, so are fairly similar.

Other Considerations for Your Mailbox

Death of the Residential Mailbox?

Traditional mail is on the decline now that so many organisations give us the option of sending and receiving invoices, statements and other business communications online. And with so many of us preferring to use email or social mediums, such as Facebook, to keep in touch with our family, friends and acquaintances. Do you remember when you last received a personal letter in the mail? I don't! You may even prefer to send greetings cards as e-cards. 

However, don't get rid of your mailbox just yet! If you order items online, like a growing number of us do, and use the regular postal service to have the items delivered you may find you actually need a larger mailbox. Especially if the items you order tend to be small parcels that can be left in a mailbox.

Mailbox Aesthetics

Does your mailbox improve the look of your front yard and complement your home?  Another consideration for your mailbox is the look of your mailbox. What statement will you make?