Do You Have an Interesting 
Mailbox / Letterbox Story? Do Tell!

Do you have a funny story about your mailbox / letterbox? Or a photo of an unusual, creative, decorative, sad or funny mail box you’ve seen? Share your story here.

This website is where I share my letterbox stories with you. I also show examples of mail boxes that I see around where I live and on my travels. I’m hoping to inspire your mail box creation or purchase, or simply to entertain you!

Now I’d like to turn the tables and hear from you. What’s your mail box story? For example...

  • Why did you replace your current letterbox?

  • How did you choose your current mail box?

  • If you bought it where did you buy it from and what was your experience of buying and installing it?

  • If you made your own, how did you go about it?

Or, perhaps you’ve seen a great mail box or a comment-worthy mail box in your neighbourhood. Take a picture and tell us about it here.

Share Your Mailbox Photos & Story

I’m looking forward to seeing your mailbox / letterbox photos and reading your story about them.

For example, tell us about the context: does the mailbox suit the house and the environment its in? What do you think about it? Where is it (country, state, town)?

If it's your mailbox, why did you choose this one?

If you made it, tell us a bit about what was involved, what materials you used, and so on.

The more you can tell us, the better.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

Please note: if you'd like to be notified when your submission has been posted (I personally review each entry) and when others comment on your post, make sure you enter your email address on the page that appears after you submit your entry.

Your Mailbox Photos & Stories

Click on the links below to see other readers’ photos and stories....

Best Letterbox in Australia 
Just wanted to share a pic of the letterbox I made, from this site. Absolutely in love with it. I also put a couple of coats of intergrain ultra deck …

Mailbox madness syndrome! 
OMG! After building the submarine letterbox I have become a letterbox spotter. What has happened to me? Everywhere I go now I can't help but notice …

Submarine Letterbox 
After 20 odd years as a submariner there was only 1 type of letterbox I wanted. You try finding one though. After months of browsing and searching the …

Motorcycle Helmet Letterbox 
This is the 4th version of a motorcycle helmet letterbox I have come up with. It has a full "sandstone" vinyl wrap to match the stone it sits on. The …

Decorative Mailbox Post 
Cross country skiing anyone? Leavonworth, Washington is known for it's quaint Bavarian culture and wonderful cross country skiing. The owner of this …

Ben's automotive engine mailbox 
The owners of Ben's automotive in Olympia, Washington knew just what to do with this engine: they've used it to turn their mailbox into a creative advertisement! …

Cock a doodle do mailbox 
This cute little rooster in Gig Harbor, Washington won't be waking up the neighbors in the wee hours of the morning!

Triangle Dude Ranch 
This mailbox is in the Tetons National Park in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The front of the mailbox sports the ranch's brand.

Cemetery mailbox 
There is a cemetery on highway 3 just south of Allyn, Washington,USA. Their mailbox is shaped like a church. It took us 4 tries to get the photo. …

Birds pooping on my mailbox 
About two or three times per week I was having to wipe bird poop off of my mailbox. After mounting a bird-deter on top of the mailbox, no more bird clean-up …

Mailbox from nature 
While traveling the Lewis and Clark trail from Vancouver, WA to Dillon, MT we saw this creative mailbox made out of a hollowed out log. Note the flag …

ibox letterbox 
As you can see, I made this letterbox out of an old Apple Mac! iPod, iPhone, iPad and now the first (?) iBox ;D

Novel Mailbox 
...pun intended! It helps to understand that the name of this house is 'Bookends'. I came across it in Chatham, MA, USA (on Cape Cod).

Life in the slow lane 
Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire (USA) is a sleepy little New England town (pop. 2298 at last count). People move there to get away from it all. Cell phone …

Airbrushed Mailboxes Not rated yet
I saw this blog and thought it would be a kewl way to share what I do since this is everything to do with mailboxes. I started airbrushing on them …

Cabin mailbox wonders Not rated yet
This mailbox is at a summer cabin on Naches Pass in Washington State. The pass is closed in the winter.

Creative log cabin mailbox Not rated yet
This artfully created mailbox is on Naches Pass in Washington State.

Lucky horseshoe Not rated yet
This mailbox is at Lost Creek Guest Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the Tetons National Park. What a creative way to use an old horseshoe.

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