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Novelty Mailbox Order Details

Order a delightful, handcrafted novelty mailbox here.

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Novelty Mailboxes : Animal Mailboxes, Fish Mailboxes

Novelty mailboxes include all kinds of animal mailbox and other models of things. Ideas for creating or finding your own novelty mailbox

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Cow Mailbox Options

A cow mailbox is a popular animal mailbox. Find out the different types and where to buy them.

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Best Letterbox in Australia

Just wanted to share a pic of the letterbox I made, from this site. Absolutely in love with it. I also put a couple of coats of intergrain ultra deck

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Golf Ball Mailbox

Hi Jane, built a new house some years back, still looking for a Golf Ball mailbox. Can only find in the US. Do you know of antone who could make one in

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Mailbox madness syndrome!

OMG! After building the submarine letterbox I have become a letterbox spotter. What has happened to me? Everywhere I go now I can't help but notice

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Submarine Letterbox

This reader built his own submarine letterbox when he couldn't find one to buy. Read Andy's story here.

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Hi Jane, what a great site. I have just submitted a few pictures of my almost complete letterbox (it's taken a year). I will forward some more when it's

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Novalty Letterbox

My partner and I have just built a house and we are in the market for a novalty letter box either something classic and funny or even an animal letter

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Looking for an Airplane Mailbox?

Airplane mailbox ideas: includes types of airplane mailboxes, where to buy them and photos for inspiration.

Continue reading "Looking for an Airplane Mailbox?"

Motorcycle Helmet Letterbox

This is the 4th version of a motorcycle helmet letterbox I have come up with. It has a full sandstone vinyl wrap to match the stone it sits on. The first

Continue reading "Motorcycle Helmet Letterbox"

Airbrushed Mailboxes

I saw this blog and thought it would be a kewl way to share what I do since this is everything to do with mailboxes. I started airbrushing on them this

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Letterboxes / Mailboxes and Me

This is the story of my interest in letterboxes (mailboxes) including photos of the unusual mailbox that sparked my interest.

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My unusual custom mailbox project

Here's how I designed and made my unusual custom mailbox. It might inspire you to build your own mailbox.

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Decorative Mailbox Post

Cross country skiing anyone? Leavonworth, Washington is known for it's quaint Bavarian culture and wonderful cross country skiing. The owner of this mailbox

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