Motorcycle Helmet Letterbox

by Redback
(Darwin Australia)

House  Front

House Front

House  Front Helmet Letterbox Front Helmet Letterbox Side One of the previous 3 letterboxes

This is the 4th version of a motorcycle helmet letterbox I have come up with. It has a full "sandstone" vinyl wrap to match the stone it sits on.

The first version was just an old cheap helmet I had stopped using and converted it to a letterbox with a wood base floor in it on a metal pole. All my mates loved it.

That one was blown up on cracker night after a couple of years.

Mark II was an even better quality helmet that lasted for many a year until I was bored with it and replaced it with a very expensive helmet a mate donated to me.

This latest one is a "wife friendly" one that has been approved by my beautiful wife - as she did not like the helmet not matching the new sandstone block we bought when we built our house together.

Most people that attended our House Warming commented on our cool letterbox so it got to stay. Whoohoooo!!! :)

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by: Jane of Everything Mailboxes


Glad you found some inspiration from a post on my website! That's what it's for ;D

I hope you'll share a photo of your mailbox and it's story when you've upgraded it?

That's a cool helmet box.

I just came across this photo while browsing on the www here in Vegas.

It's given me some ideas as to how I might upgrade mine.

Love it.

Protected Mail
by: Jane of Everything Mailboxes

Hi Redback

Thank you for sharing your letterbox story and photos. Very cool indeed!

It's great to express your personality with your choice of letterbox. Even better, if it's a re-cycled object too (as your first one was). And I'm glad the latest incarnation meets with your wife's approval as well!

I like the pattern and colour of the vinyl wrap on your latest helmet/letterbox. It echoes the colours of the purple flowers behind and the texture of the pebbles below.

I wonder what your postie makes of it? Probably gives him or her a chuckle every day!

I've noticed a helmet on a wall not far from where I live in Sydney. I've been meaning to stop and see if that's a letterbox conversion too. If it is I'll post a photo here.

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