Novalty Letterbox

by Barbara Salgado
(Perth wa Australia )

My partner and I have just built a house and we are in the market for a novalty letter box either something classic and funny or even an animal letter box.

Do you sell or know of anyone who sells these sorts of letter boxes?

Warmest regards Barbara

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Animal Mailbox Examples Plus More Info Please
by: Jane of Everything Mailboxes

Hi Barbara

Thank you for your enquiry. It's great to hear that you're looking for an interesting letterbox ;D

While I don't sell letterboxes directly from my website, the aim of my site is to find interesting mailboxes for sale (especially in Australia and the US) and let my readers know where to find them.

I'm only just getting started. However, I can tell you that I haven't yet found any novelty letterboxes for sale in Australia. They mainly come from the US.

There are some nice letterboxes for sale here in Australia, but they tend to be more architectural than novelty.

There are also some really creative letterboxes found "in the wild" (I have lots of photos to post from Perth, for instance), but I think they may be custom made, and I know some come from the US. You'll find many US suppliers will post here.

So far I've only got as far as where to find airplane mailboxes. And I'm currently working on a barn mailboxes page, that I hope to finish at the end of the week. (I'll keep adding links to the Novelty Mailboxes page as I complete more pages).

Here are a few examples of websites that have animal mailboxes for sale...

Ah, I've just remembered there are various Ned Kelly inspired letterboxes around. Here's one of the more recognisably Ned Kelly letterboxes (scroll down the page a bit if you can't see it, about the 3rd photo down on the left). Does that fit your classic and funny category?

If you can tell me a bit more about what you're after I'll see if I can give you some website addresses. Is there a particular theme you'd like, for instance? Can you tell me a bit more about what you mean by classic and funny (some examples, perhaps)?

Kind regards

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