Novelty Mailboxes

In the novelty mailboxes category I include mailboxes that are models of things. The models can be built around a standard mailbox or totally custom built. The models include...

  • All types of animal mailbox
  • Bird mailboxes
  • Fish mailboxes
  • House mailboxes and other models of buildings
  • Vehicle mailboxes such as cars, tractors and airplanes
  • Mailboxes that are models of people
  • Mailboxes that are models of sporting equipment, for example golf ball mailboxes and baseball mailboxes

Do you have a novelty mailbox? Or a photo of one?

It's going to take me a while to complete examples for all the different examples in this section. I'd appreciate your help! So...

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A I build out my website as well as providing ideas for types of novelty letterboxes I am also starting to identify suppliers for the various mailbox categories listed here. You'll see that information, where it's available, by clicking on the links below.

Ideas for Animal Mailboxes

Cat mailboxes -– as a cat lover you can choose a mailbox to reflect your favorite breed. Or a fun and unique idea if you own a cat is to order a custom mailbox of your cat!

novelty mailboxes cow mailbox

Cow mailbox -– great idea for a dairy farmer, but this one is actually from a suburban house in SE England! It looks as if it was purchased from the US.

Dog mailboxes -– as a dog lover you can choose a mailbox to reflect your favorite breed. Or a fun and unique idea if you own a dog is to order a custom mailbox of your dog!

Dragon mailboxes -– okay, so this is a mythical animal, but what a fun idea for a letterbox!

Mailboxes of Buildings

Barn mailbox 

Birdhouse mailboxes 

Lighthouse mailbox 

Log cabin mailbox 

Mailboxes of Sports Equipment

Baseball mailbox 

Golf ball mailbox 

Examples of Vehicle Mailboxes

fish novelty mailboxes

Airplane mailboxes -- the most popular ones are where the whole mailbox forms part of the airplane

Tractor mailboxes

Train mailbox

Truck mailbox

Other Novelty Mailbox Examples

Bird mailboxes -– a pelican mailbox is one of the most popular bird mailbox.

fish novelty mailboxes

Fish mailboxes -– a bass mailbox is the most popular fish mailbox. (This reminds me of my billy bass singing wall mount!)

novelty mailboxes surfboard mailbox

Surfboard mailboxes -– I'm surprised there aren't more of these around where I live on the Northern Beaches in NSW, Australia!